The “I” and “me” in this story
has turned into “us” and “we”

For me, drinking coffee started somewhat as a habit. I liked drinking it, but only if it tasted good. As I learned about coffee, it turned into a hobby. This hobby sent me on a search for better products, better techniques, and it taught me about the care that goes into a great cup of coffee. The transition from brewing at home to roasting beans on my own was a fairly natural one. It was brought about by the desire for the best cup possible. I cared so much—I wanted more control over how the coffee tasted.

I knew that if I started with a high quality product, and did my best to avoid roasting too dark, the result would be something that is enjoyable to drink.

The results blew me away. I can still taste the tangerine acidity and rustic sweetness of that first coffee from Ecuador I roasted.I let my friends try this first batch, and they were as amazed as I was. “It’s not bitter at all!” “If coffee always tasted like this, I would drink it more!” “Wow, doesn’t even need cream and sugar!”

Now, some time later, this habit has grown into a business. The “I” and “me” in this story has turned into “us” and “we.” With every roast, we are still getting similar comments to those I got from that first batch. Taking a high quality product we care about, and doing our best to keep the craft in our coffee, is proving to be the foundation of Rockford Roasting Company.


Benjamin Chauvin

Benjamin Chauvin

Founder & Head Roaster

What goes into a great cup of coffee?