Roaster’s Choice (Subscription)

From: $21.00 every 4 weeks

A coffee subscription comprised of beans that have been hand-selected by our owner & roaster Ben Chauvin.


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A Note from the Roaster,

As the head roaster at a storefront cafe & roasting facility, I often get asked, “which coffee is your favorite?” To which I respond, ” We are selling all of these coffees because they were on the top of a long list of coffees that I tasted before buying any green coffee.” The answer is a bit of a cop-out, but its also true. We don’t sell coffee that we don’t love, and everything we roast, we do so proudly because of the countless hours of love and labor that went into the process before we ever get to taste a sip of coffee.

Once in a while however, a coffee will come along that makes me step back and remember why I do what I do. Those coffees are what this subscription is all about. I wanted to highlight the coffees that as a roaster I am currently excited about. At the end of the day, I do what I do in order to share my love of coffee with YOU.

– Benjamin Chauvin / @roastyben

Here’s what your signing up for:

  • One or two 250g bag(s) or a 5 lb bag of a coffee roasted fresh just days before it ships directly to your door step.
  • A unique coffees each month so that you can enjoy all of the facets and flavors that we at Rockford Roasting Company have carefully selected just for you.
  • You will be billed automatically once each month, so don’t worry about reordering
  • A smile on your face every morning.

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